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Seaquest logo
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103 525 Seymour St.
Vancouver , BC

You have a need to design and deploy RIA (Rich Internet Access) client / server solutions and you are not sure where to start and what to do. We are here to advise and assist you in the “how to” for t…

Seaquest Management logo
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Seaquest Management

Suite 104 525 Seymour Street

Design and Build General Contractor and Management Company

Sears Indoor Clean Air Services logo
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Sears Indoor Clean Air Services

3552 41st Avenue West
Vancouver , BC

Every time your heating or air conditioning system comes on, these particles become airborne. As our homes become “tighter” and HVAC systems become more energy efficient, pollutants are trapped inside…

Seaside Paper Products Ltd. logo
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Seaside Paper Products Ltd.

9999 River Way
Delta , BC

Seaside’s product line includes many unique items that were developed in collaboration with our customers. Effective collaboration continues to be one of Seaside’s key strengths – when customers prese…

Secondary Pulp & Paper logo
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Secondary Pulp & Paper

Suite 1250 409 Granville Street
Vancouver , BC

Secondary Pulp and Paper Inc. is a full service trading company that specializes in the trading of "Off Quality" and "Off Grade" Pulp and Paper products. Our Head Office is located in Vancouver, BC.

Secur-icare Inc logo
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Secur-icare Inc

985 Cure Poirier Ouest

SECUR-ICARE INC located in Canada provides: Audio Video Systems, Building Consulting Services, Burglar Alarm Systems, Business Services, Cable Installation Equipment, Camera Accessories, Cassette Reco…

Securiguard Services Ltd. logo
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Securiguard Services Ltd.

Suite 300 1575 Georgia St W
Vancouver , BC

Securiguard Security Services has been in the forefront of the asset protection arena for over 32 years by being a leading edge and innovative security solution provider.

Securit Information Security logo
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Securit Information Security

Suites 200 1650 Brigantine Drive
Coquitlam , BC

These days, in the regular course of doing business, organizations amass a great deal of confidential information about employees, customers, products, research and financials.

Securitas Services Canada logo
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Securitas Services Canada

Suite 270 5172 Kingsway
Burnaby , BC

Securitas is a knowledge leader in the security industry. We have approximately 240,000 employees in more than 37 countries in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. We focus on providing secu…

Security Through Safe Design Inc logo
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Security Through Safe Design Inc

1505 Blue Rock Avenue
Kars , ON

Security Through Safe Design Inc. is an independent, Canadian-based firm that provides highly specialized security consulting services throughout Canada. Our team draws from a combined knowledge base…

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