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Energy Options Ltd.

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Energy Options Ltd.

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111 Rainbow Road
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia V8K 2V5

Phone 1:
(250) 534-8371

(647) 308-9127

Listed under:
Energy / Green


At Energy Options we sell quality energy-efficiency products. We manage expert installation of our products for homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and other government agencies. For homeowners, we can often arrange a SUBSIDY to help cut costs, or even cover the full cost. We also manage MULTIPLE-HOME AND LARGE SCALE PROJECTS and provide expert CONSULTANCY AND ENERGY AUDITS for business, local/regional authorities and Home owners. Energy Options is owned by the EASTERN BAY ENERGY TRUST. We have an experienced management team and operate as a fully independent, commercial company, returning our profits to the community through subsidizing energy efficiency initiatives.

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