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Ardent Properties Inc

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Ardent Properties Inc

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371 Franklyn Street
Nanaimo, British Columbia V9R 2X5

Phone 1:
(250) 753-0881

(250) 753-5451


Listed under:
Residential Property Management


Ardent Properties Inc. is a real estate company, incorporated in 2000, and focused on property management in the central Vancouver Island area. We service strata corporations and rental properties. Ardent provides management services in the central east coast of Vancouver Island area as well as in Ucluelet. Ardent is a member of the British Columbia Real Estate Association, the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board, Professional Association of Managing Agents and the Strata Property Agents of British Columbia. We carry E&O insurance through the British Columbia Real Estate Association. We presently provide management services for over 1,600 strata units and approximately 300 residential rental units. We are pleased to welcome Nadine Acosta to our team. Nadine has an accounting background with work experience in Canada and the UK.

Primary contact:

Rob Kelly
(250) 753-0881

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