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Martello Property Services

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Suite 200 808 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2X4

Phone 1:
(604) 681-6544

(604) 681-5114


LEED Certification

Listed under:
Residential Property Management


Martello Property Services has been doing business as a property management company in Vancouver for more than 19 years. The original company was formed as First City Property Management as a division of First City Developments. The President, Wayne Smithies, took over the company from First City in 1988 and re-branded the company to Martello Property Services Inc. In 1990, Martello entered into joint venture with CB Commercial to carry on property management in British Columbia under the trade style CB Commercial Property Management. Over the years, CB Commercial changed to CB Richard Ellis. In 2002, Mr. Smithies repatriated his shares from CB Richard Ellis and entered into a business relationship with J.J. Barnicke Vancouver. That relationship was mutually dissolved in March 2005 as the J.J. Barnicke Vancouver operation was limited to doing business in British Columbia. Martello Property Services carries on business in Alberta and as such was unable to carry the J.J. Barnicke name into other parts of Canada.

Primary contact:

Wayne Smithies
(604) 681-6544

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