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Accuspace Measuring Services Inc.

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Accuspace Measuring Services Inc.

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2B 20 - 34th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2S 2Z2

Phone 1:
(778) 786-2000

Phone 2:
(403) 366-0215

(403) 668-4382

BOMA certified technicians

Listed under:
Building Construction / Design


Certified Technicians for floor plans and area calculations. Fast Accurate and cost effective. AccuSpace staff utilize the highest standard laser measuring devices to ensure total accuracy. They also utilize mobile tablet computers so that the plans can be produced on location. Critical distances can then be retaken and areas reconfirmed, checks that are not possible if plans are produced remotely. On-site production also makes for faster production, saving you time and money while still getting better quality. Over 40 million square feet measured. E&O insured.

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