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Motion Electrical Contracting Ltd

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Motion Electrical Contracting Ltd

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Phone 1:
(519) 216-9473


Electrical Contractor/CFAA Technicians

Listed under:
Fire Protection Systems


RE:Electrical/Fire Protection

Our team of licensed electricians and fire alarm technicians are committed to the provision of the highest quality of standards for service to equipment that not only meets but exceeds the high demands of our customers and the regulatory authorities having jurisdiction.

Confirming our commitment to total customer satisfaction.Our innovative preventative maintenance electrical along with fire safety service contracts, and repair procedures continue to provide safer environments in the many residential and commercial communities we cater too.
Projects of any scope including minor upgrades ,retrofits, installations, and additions, complete system replacements, as well as energy conservation. We strive to work with our customers to provide quality work within their budget.

We look forward to working with your establishment in the future.


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