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Canadian Fuel Oil Polishing (1995) Ltd.

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Canadian Fuel Oil Polishing (1995) Ltd.

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PO Box 2196 Station Main
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 3V7

Phone 1:
(604) 299-7433

Phone 2:
(604) 299-1955




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Go with the best!

Widely regarded for providing high quality fuel system services to a wide range of industrial and commercial customers, Canadian Fuel Oil Polishing was the first fuel polishing company in British Columbia. Operating since 1987, we specialize in on-site tank cleaning and polishing of fuels and oils.

Definitive fuel sampling; Tank cleaning; Reclamation; Processing liquid fuels - diesel; jet; gasoline; lube and hydraulic oils; heating fuels.

We use the highest quality filter media available: 1 micron or better for the best results.

What is Fuel Polishing?

Fuel polishing is a process designed to realize the highest degree of fuel purity through the removal of both particulates and water. Fuel polishing is different from fuel filtering as polishing removes emulsified water. Simple filtering does not.

Proper fuel polishing requires a combination of particle and water removal filters, arranged in a specified order that maximizes the best properties of each type of filter. The process order is critical to successfully polishing the fuel and requires the use of 1-micron filter media for optimal results. Specific filters require specific equipment and Canadian Fuel Oil Polishing is proud to say we are the only company in the Lower Mainland to have this equipment!

Over the decades, Canadian Fuel Oil Polishing has perfected this process using specialty filters and equipment that is unmatched in polishing performance. The refinement of this process is based upon years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of liquid solutions and mixtures found in modern day fuel tanks resulting in many millions of litres of fuel polished to perfection!

Please call us at 604-299-7433

Primary contact:

Robert and Pat Deans
(604) 299-7433

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