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1 - JMP Cityscape Solutions - Property Services

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Vancouver, British Columbia

Phone 1:
(778) 246-4117

Listed under:
Building Services / Maintenance
Commercial property management
Facilities Management
Paint / Drywall / Finishing


JMP is a family company that roots back 20 years; with the company owners having 15 years of hands-on work experience.

Our property service division portfolio currently takes care of almost 1million square feet of commercial property.

JMP is committed to an environmentally friendly and sustainable business model for our clients and our company.

For more information visit our website:

Property Maintenance Service Division offers:

- Pressure-washing (cold or hot capable up to 300 F*)

- Graffiti removal (case by case removals and unlimited monthly graffiti removal program)

- Coatings (application of anti-graffiti coatings and drive-way/building structure sealants)

- Exterior commercial painting

- Snow removal and de-icing (one time clearing and de-icing and unlimited monthly snow removal program)

Our JMP property maintenance division uses high quality commercial grade equipment and products to ensure the highest quality results.

Benefits for using JMP Landscaping & Cityscape Solutions Inc.

Diversified Service Provider

- You only need to contact and deal with one service provider rather than many. You can be sure that high quality service will be provided for all the services we offer.

- We are highly experienced with professional grade equipment.

- We can afford to keep our rates down because of the variety of services we offer- we can pass on these savings to you.

Value & Service

- We are proud to offer high quality service results with extremely competitive pricing.

- JMP management team is a big reason our clients can trust in the services provided and the statements of high quality are true and constantly achieved.

Social Responsibility

- Consistently exceed our regulatory requirements and go above and beyond to achieve corporate targets.

- Offer services that have environmental benefits without compromising quality.

We look forward to working with you.

JMP Service Team

Primary contact:

Mark Pringle
(778) 246-4117

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