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AAA Starr Cleaning Service

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AAA Starr Cleaning Service

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10815 47 Ave #008
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5J1

Phone 1:
(780) 938-7002


Listed under:
Building Construction / Design
Building Services / Maintenance
Cleaning / Janitorial


AAA Starr Cleaning Services is your one-stop full service. Our company prides itself on its knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality. We are licensed, bonded and owner-operated. They do Residential, Commercial and Industrial. AAA Starr Cleaning Services are the Janitorial and Residential Cleaning specialists. Top to bottom, inside and out. With decades of cleaning experience we've seen and done it all. Our services include: condominiums, restaurants, offices, apartment complexes and hotels. AAA Starr Cleaning Cleaning Services is based in Edmonton, Canada.

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