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Aeon Green Solutions Ltd., specializes in residential, commercial and Industrial lighting for condominiums, warehouse spaces and industrial properties.
Aeon Green has been actively assisting property managers with lighting audits. We have found that the upfront investment for converting to LED a fraction of what it was just last year. With the rebates from the Save On Energy program it has been a very easy and affordable transition to LED. Lighting Audits from Aeon Green are conducted at no cost and will give the property managers an easy way to cut costs. Our site visits are done in a very professional manner without any interruptions to the tenants or employees.
We are a North American based company with a focus on eliminating the excess carbon emissions in our environment. We take pride in lowering maintenance cost and significantly increasing the lifespan of lighting while maintaining a green environment.
Our commitment is to provide the best solutions for our customers while ensuring a greener planet. Our consultative approach educates our clients about future trends while providing the best available options in the market.

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